1st August 2016

#web #design #personal

This my friends is the precise amount of time it has taken me to finish and launch my own online portfolio. As a web developer with over five years in the craft this really is quite a shameful feat. Over the years I've created many online experiences I'm really proud of, however I've just never been happy enough with a website I've designed to say "yes, this truly reflects me". That is until now. So how did we get here? Well I'm glad you asked. Let me start from the beginning.

At almost 4PM on Friday the 27th of November, 1992, a tiny little boy by the name of Brodie somehow managed to weasel his way into existence. I would like to say that the world would be forever changed but in the grand scheme of things it has very little impact. Except for my parents obviously, for them they had spawned a new little terror into the universe that in a few years would find utter delight in pulling out all of his mothers pansy plants. After the destruction of mums gardening efforts I pottered along through life until I developed an inquisitive fascination with technology and this strange thing called 'the Internet'. I was captivated by its flashing lights, annoying dial tone, and its ability to connect people seemingly through space and time. And so it began.

I finished high school and moved from the rural seaside village I once called home to start a life in the big city of Adelaide, South Australia. Fast forward to today and I am in my final year of Software Engineering (Honours) at the University of South Australia. I've also been busy running my own web development agency alongside my mate Tom. Who'd have thought that the quiet skinny kid, who spent his summers wrapping fish and chips at the local takeaway, would by the age of 21 find himself running a business of his own.

So here I am, at precisely 10:16 PM on Monday the 1st of August, 2016, laying in bed procrastinating from this human need for sleep by finally finishing a website I have been developing for well over two years, writing a blog post that I thought would never be finished, and finally getting to putting my own little 'Hello World' out into this vast internet that I had fallen in love with all those years ago.